All my patterns became E-Patterns a few months after 9-11. I was mailing out so many patterns and then there was the Anthrax scare. I decided then to convert all my patterns and just email them. It was actually a very good thing since it saved postage and paper. In the beginning I had to explain exactly how to download the patterns, where to find Adobe, and how to change your settings in Adobe to make sure the pattern printed out right. Now it seems everyone is so familiar with adobe pdf files!

With my E-patterns, just click on the paypal button, make sure that is the pattern you want to purchase, and log into your paypal account. Your pattern should be emailed to you within one day. Sometimes that varies since paypal has to send out the payment information. It is fine if your paypal is set up with E-checks. Paypal offers sellers and buyers such great protection that it makes accepting payments so easy. Email me at pamamom@gmail.com if your pattern does not arrive within a day. Also check your spam folder to see if the pattern is there. Thanks for your business!

I am also selling all my patterns on eBay! The new eBay is a lot more complicated than when I first signed up years and years ago. Click on this link to see all 35 Simply Grace Designs doll patterns on eBay!

If you cannot do paypal for whatever reason, you can mail a check or money order. Email me for mailing information. I will email the pattern(s) to you as soon as your check clears my bank. Paypal just makes it so fast!